History Part

Norman GSA trip 023

Our next stop was Betty Lou’s flower shop.  Devonne’s parents own it.  Devonne coordinated our trip and is the leader of our Girl Scout troop.  I didn’t get any pictures there.  It was Sat. before Mother’s Day, so they were very busy.

Next we went to the Moore-Lindsay Home.  It is the oldest standing home in Norman.  It was built in 1895.

Norman GSA trip 024

Jemma decided to take over the picture taking responsibilities.

Norman GSA trip 025

Since we have been to so many museums, the girls are starting to recognize things we have seen before.

Norman GSA trip 026

Norman GSA trip 035

This is a square piano.  They didn’t make very many of them and they are very heavy.

Norman GSA trip 029

This house has 2 windows like a ship would have.  One window is this color and the other window was red.

Norman GSA trip 041

We’ve seen several fainting couches at museums.

Norman GSA trip 040

Jemma was really interested in the washstand and everything that goes with it.

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