Sometimes being an overachiever is a bad thing.

Eagle quilt 004

I was asked to make an art quilt by my new principal this year for our schools 50th anniversary celebration that is this Saturday night.  We are having an art auction to raise money for play ground equipment.  I’m not an art quilter, I’m a traditional quilter, so this stretched my creativity.  The other requirement was that she wanted as many teachers to participate as possible.

So I came up with the idea of the teachers cutting out the eagles from their choice of fabric.  Then I appliqued them on the blocks, sewed it together and then quilted it.  It’s still more traditional than an art quilt.  I over heard my principal say that I went above her expectations.  Then she also has plans to need a quilt for our art auction next year.  Yikes!  At least I have almost a year to come up with the idea for next years quilt.

2 Responses to Sometimes being an overachiever is a bad thing.

  • robin says:

    Great idea! It turned out so pretty! You go above and beyond to make things special so I’m not surprised! I loved my elementary school days there. I just realized when I saw the newspaper article about it that it must have been a very new school when I went there. I don’t think I ever knew how old it was until now.

  • Mimi says:

    Very neat!

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