Planes, trains, and automobiles

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One of the places we stopped during our spring break girl scout trip was Waynoka, OK.  Back when flying in a plane wasn’t done at night, Waynoka played an intrical part in getting from New York to California.  You would leave New York at night on a train, arrive in Columbus OH at dawn, get on the plane and fly to Waynoka, OK, then board a train at dusk and get to California the next morning.  Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart both spent time in Waynoka.

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One of things that the train depot in Waynoka is known for is that it was a Harvey House.  A guy by the last name of Harvey, who was from England, got a contract from the railroad to set up restaraunts along the train line.  They used fine linens and china when they served guests.  Gentlemen were required to wear a jacket while eating at a Harvey House.  They had extra jackets if you didn’t have one.   The waitresses were known as Harvey Girls.  They couldn’t be married, they signed contracts to work for 3 years, and they lived above the restaraunt at the depot.

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The train still goes through Waynoka, but doesn’t stop anymore.  They have a locomotive you can climb all over, or pretend that it’s going to run you over.

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Part of the depot is still being restored.  The part where the Harvey House restaraunt was, is now a Mexican restaraunt.  We had lunch that day after our tour.

Devonne coordinated our trip for us.  One of the board members of the Historical society in Waynoka gave us a private tour.  The board members daughter was a roommate with Devonne in college, so we got extra special treatment.

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This building used to be a quilt store.  Before that it was a telephone office.  I was in the quilt store back in 2002.  The telephone company donated the building to the Historical society.  I can’t wait to see what they do with it.








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