Water Zoo

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The Water Zoo is an indoor water park in Clinton, OK.  It sits right next door to a hotel, but it is not attached.   It was a little chilly getting between the buildings.  We thought it was attached to the hotel according to the information we saw.

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Here are the three tagalongs.  They had a lot of fun.

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The girls swam Friday night and a little on Sat. morning.  This water park has 3 huge slides, a lazy river, a pool to play sports in, wave pool,  a small kids area, and another area with smaller slides and buckets.  There was a life guard on duty in almost every area.

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The water park has a special from 5:00 pm until close at 9:00 pm, another special for the evening hours and the next day.  Some of the info we received from the hotel was incorrect about the water park.  I think the water park is owned seperate from the hotel.  If you want to go, get with me, I have a little advice that might save you some money.

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Here is a picture of all the girls that went.  They all really enjoyed the Water Zoo.  I was really impressed with the size of the place.

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