A win for Marvin and the pigs



Sat. was the 1st Swine Week Car Show.  Bill and Will decided to enter the mini in the show.  We debated about what category to enter the car in.  The categories were truck, classic, muscle, exotic and another one I can’t remember.  We decided to enter the exotic category.

Swine Week is actually several months of raising money for  a charitable cause that culminates the week before spring break. Each high school in Edmond has a designated week for fund raising.  Swine Week is donating their money to Limbs for Life.


The competition was 2 Porsche cars and a Tesla car (an all electric exotic sports car).  Every car had a bucket sitting in front of it.  The car with the most money in the bucket wins.  At the end of the morning the mini had more money in the bucket than the other cars.

The hard part of this was that Bill and Will had been at a Boy Scout lock-in the night before.  Will slept some, but Bill didn’t get any sleep.  He finally got some sleep at 1:30 Sat. afternoon.  They had to stay through the awards ceremony since they won.

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