On Pointe


Starting Jan. 7th, Jemma moved up to Division 4 in ballet.  This means dancing 4 times a week and pointe shoes.  She was so excited when Ms. Lisa told her she would be wearing pointe shoes she started crying.


Pointe shoes have to have ribbon and elastic sewn on them before you can dance in them.  I had Jemma sew one shoe and I did the other shoe because we were running out of time.  I thought she might be learning sewing through osmosis or because we have the same genes, but that’s not so.  I need to spend more time with her.

I also managed to break one of her $82 a pair pointe shoes.  The shoe themselves need to be strecthed a little and I stretched them too much and broke the shank.  Bill did some research on the internet and found we could fix them with a $12 bottle of Jet Glue.  We are going to see how long they last.  The one we glued is stiffer than the one that isn’t.  I hope I don’t have to buy a new pair of pointe shoes until her feet grow.  She’s grown 4″ in the last year, so unless she slows down growing, her feet probably aren’t ready to slow down either.

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