Man cave plus a bonus for me



At the end of this month we will have lived in this house for 6 years.  One of the things Bill has always wanted to do was turn the playroom into a man cave.  He and the boys worked on it on Sat.   They moved 3 TV’s plus the game systems to the one wall, set up chairs, cleaned up junk,  and put up a cutting table that had been given to me last fall.  It is set up in the end of the room.


Dr. Alexander from OC’s costume shop got a new cutting table last fall and he didn’t want it thrown away, so he gave it to me.  Bill and the boys got it set up.  There is lots of storage underneath with curtains to cover the storage area.  Dr. A has to give me the rods for the curtains.   So if you need a table just the right height come on over to my house.  with the curtains open there will be great lighting.

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