4 different sounds to Christmas


All three kids had Christmas concerts this season.  All three had very different looks and styles.  Jemma’s was in the gym at Cimarron MS.


Justin’s was in the auditorium at Memorial High school.  Justin’s friend Jarret is on Justin’s right.


Will’s concert was also in the auditorium at Memorial High school, but had a much different feel than Justin’s.  I was so impressed at this concert by the songs that were sung, the set, and the expressions on the faces of the students as they sang.  You could tell the students really enjoyed singing.


The way the students were assembled on the stage was different from what I’ve ever seen also.  Some of the student sang the final song  from the isles in the audience.  It was a beautiful experience.


Jemma’s Girl Scout troop also went Christmas caroling at Tealridge.  The residents always enjoy have visitors.

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