The Zoo and Pressed Shirts




Jemma’s field trip this year was to the zoo.  Bill went to the zoo with the boys when they were in second grade, so he agreed to go.  Little did he know that Jemma planned for them to wear matching colors.  So the night before the field trip Jemma picked out a pink linen shirt for her dad and a pink t-shirt for herself.  The next thing I know Jemma wants me to iron Bill’s linen shirt.  As a nice wife I ironed his shirt.  While I was ironing his shirt I thought it was crazy since he doesn’t even have pressed shirts to teach, yet his shirt has to be pressed to go to the zoo.  What a waste?  The animals didn’t care if his shirt was pressed or not.















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  • The Wife says:

    LOL! Dad had to look good, all ironed and stuff! very funny! Glad y’all are okay. I woke up during the news last night and heard something about a tornado in Edmond. Was worried about ya.

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