Rock Mary

One of the things we did on our GS camping trip was to hike to see this rock formation that is about five miles west of Hinton.  It is on private property and with the guidance of the volunteer curator from the Hinton Historical Museum we were able to go out and see it.

On a very cool and windy morning we made our way across the plain to see and hear about this rock.  It was discovered in 1849 by a scout in the army as the army and civilians made there way across Indian territory with the blessing from the government to find a southern wagon trail to California.

A very eligible 17 year old Mary Conway from Arkansas was traveling with her family.  She caught the attention of all the  young men in the army.  They did many things along the way to catch her attention, but a certain scout discovered this rock and as the wagon train grew close he rode to this rock and named it after her.

Mary accepted the scouts marriage proposal when they got to California.  At the time it was illegal to live in Indian territory.  The curator said the notes from this wagon train are available from the Library of Congress.  The rock has deteriorated quite a bit in the last 2 years due to the drought.  You used to be able to climb up one side, but some of the rock has fallen on the only way to the top.

Mary’s uncle was the governor of Arkansas at one time, and she is also related to one of the Presidents, but I can’t remember which one.


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