Miss Good Deeds

One of the things that the Girl Scouts did for their 100 year celebration this year is ask the scouts to do 100 good deeds.  Jemma stepped up to the challenge.  She had from Aug. 2011 to June 2012 to complete it.  Today was the day 364 girls from her council were honored for completeing 100 good deeds a piece.

Today was also the last celebration for the Girl Scouts 100 years, so after the awards ceremony they served cake to everyone.

There was lots of activities to have fun at.  Here is Jadyn, Jemma and Jansen playing tug of war.  They had plain blocks to decorate to go into a quilt.

Jazmine, Jadyn, Jemma and Jansen had a lot of fun doing sack races.

Here is Jazmine, Jemma and Jadyn in the photo both.  Jazmine also went with us to Savannah, GA.




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