6th floor book depository

For fall break we went to Dallas.  One of the things Bill has always wanted to do is go to the book depository where President Kennedy was shot from.

This is the outside and the corner where the shots were fired from.

They even have an “x” on the street marking where both shots hit the target.

One of the things I learned during the tour of this museum is;  when Mrs. Kennedy came to Dallas, it was her first public appearance since she had a stillborn baby.  So she lost her husband and a baby in a short period of time.






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  • robin says:

    I had never done this either…and did not know that fact! Sad.

  • Catherine Pigg says:

    Wow — did not know that, about the baby. Really stinks. I didn’t realize till I recently saw a TV thing about it, that when Robert Kennedy was shot his wife was left 3 months pregnant with child number — what was it? — #10? 11? Something crazy like that. Lesson here: don’t marry a Kennedy, (for SOOOO many reasons.) Interesting tour. Part of me wants to do it someday, part of me not so much.

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