Hangin’ with 6th graders.

We drove the 6th graders to Camp Rock Creek tonight for Brother’s Keepers in one of the big church buses.  They played volleyball and soccer.  We fed them walking taco’s.

Then they had a devotional and we fed them smores.  The weather turned out perfect, not to hot not to cold and no wind!

I think they had a good time, but sometimes you wonder about 6th graders.

2 Responses to Hangin’ with 6th graders.

  • robin says:

    Yes, you never are sure…but I think you just have to keep providing activities for them! Sounded like fun to me – what are Walking tacos?

  • Walking taco’s are a snack size bag of doritos cut open sideways, then add any taco topping you want. Only other thing required is a fork. Walk around and eat if so desired.

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