Mobile Cow

The mobile cow came to my school on Tues.  She is sponsored by the Southwestern Dairy Farmers.  She goes to lots of fairs and schools through the year.

The guy that brought her did a great job of altering his talk for the three different age groups of students.  He explained that Jewel is a Jersey cow and that there is other breeds of dairy cows such as Holsteins (those are the black and white cows).  Jewel will drink a bathtub full of water during the day.  She has four stomachs and eats 60 pounds of feed a day.  He also said how much milk she would produce, but I didn’t catch that.

The students kept saying it smelled after she used the bathroom, but I told them that was the smell of money to a dairy farmer.

This brought  back a lot of memories.  I grew up milking Jersey cows until I got married and moved to Oklahoma.  On my first date with Bill my sophomore year at OC, we went out to eat at Harry Bears and then I drug him through all the cattle barns at the State Fair of OK.

When Will was 10 months old, my parents sold all the dairy cows and converted their operation to beef cows.  Milking cows twice a day is very hard work.  It’s also harder when the temp can drop to -25 degrees F in the winter in Wisconsin.

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