Killing 2 birds with one stone

Last week Will and Jemma were in the same vocal music concert.  It is rare that Will and Jemma have events together.

All the 6th grade vocal music students from across the district performed a couple songs.

Then the men’s chorus from Edmond Memorial High School sang one song.  The other two high schools also had one of their choruses perform a song.


At the end all the choruses performed one song together.

Bill and I were a little late getting there since Justin had just run in a cross country meet in Bethany.  He tied his best time of the season on a course with two hills.

Will drove to the concert and took Jemma since they had to be there 30 minutes early.





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  • robin says:

    So great that you have a driver, huh? I love the 6th grade festival since Ms. Martin always chooses the Men’s choir from Memorial to be the representative choir!

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