A Blog friend helps out

My blog friend from The WaWaWaughs came to Jemma’s girl scout meeting and shared what it was like to be a girl scout when she was younger.

Robin had a sash, hat and a couple of books from when her mom was in girl scouts.  Her mom was her leader.  She had a few books, one of her sashes, and uniform when she was in girl scouts.  She also had some books,  vest,  sash, and memory book when her daughter was a girl scout.

She taught them a song/game that all the girls wanted to sing and participate.  Robin has done this presentation before, but I haven’t had the priviledge to see it.   She does a really nice job sharing memories of how she got some of her patches and a week at girl scout survival camp where she had to make her own tent and dug her own latrine.  I’m thankful for Robin taking her time to come share her story and personal girl scout things with the next generation of girl scouts.

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