The verdict is in on chocolate covered bacon.

3 out of 5 members of my family didn’t like it.  This is just one of the many unique food options at the state fair.  It was Justin’s idea to try it and he almost threw up after he tried it.  He didn’t even go on any rides.  I kind liked it, but I’m also a big chocolate fan.  Bill hated it because he doesn’t like sweet stuff with his meat.

The reason we went to the OK State Fair is because they were having a special day for Girl Scouts because of the 100th anniverary of Girl Scouts.  Jemma invited her friend Jadyn along for her first trip to the state  fair.  They received a state fair patch and a box of GS cookies.

One of the things our family enjoyed watching was the pig races.  The winning pig got to eat an Oreo cookie.  The #4 pig won several times.  Justin was always routing for #3 pig.


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