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Will gave blood for the first time at the church blood drive on Sunday.  He has watched his dad coordinate the blood drive at church for a few years now and he knew that this was something he wanted to do.  He has also watched Bill and I give blood a couple of times.  I’ve given 3 gallons so far.  He had to be 16 and have a parent permission filled out.  He also talked two of his friends into giving.  All three of them gave at the same time.  He also got his first blood drive t-shirt.

A couple of weeks ago, Bill and I attended a Oklahoma Blood Institute Appreciation banquet.  They had all the blood drive coordinators to the Western Heritage Museum (formerly known as the Cowboy Hall of Fame) for a free meal and banquet.  It was a nice evening with 2 different families sharing their stories of how donated blood saved a family member.  One of the men that spoke had 2 t-shirt quilts made out of his blood drive t-shirts.

If you have never given blood you should give it a try.  It is an easy way to help  save someone else’s life.  The next blood drive at Memorial Rd is Jan. 6th, 2013.  If you aren’t in the OKC metro area, I’m sure there is some place to donate.

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