Civil Rights and Central High School

One of our stops was at the Civil Rights Museum in Birmingham, AL.  Unfortunately we couldn’t take pictures inside.  The one thing that impacted the girls quite a bit, was the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist church in 1963.  The church is across the street from the museum.  There was 4 girls that were killed in that bombing.  One of those girls was 11 years old.  One of the persons that was responsible for the bombing wasn’t convicted until 2002.  He died in prison in 2004.  Another man was found in Texas, but died before he went to trial.

We also stopped in Little Rock, AR. and visited Central High School.  In 1957, nine African American students tried to desegregate Central High School.  First the governor had soldiers keeping these students out, then a few weeks later the soldiers were present to help the students get into the school.  The AR national guard soldiers stayed the entire year.

The school itself was built in 1925. It’s a very impressive structure for being built back then.  It is still used as a high school.  The only time you can go inside for a tour is 9 am or 1 pm.  We didn’t get to go inside since we missed the tour times.  It’s a national park so the girls did a scavenger hunt to become junior park rangers.

All nine of the students went on to have very successful careers.

All four public high schools in Little Rock were closed during the 1958-59, because the citizens voted against integration in Sept. of 1958.

After stopping for supper outside of Little Rock, we got back to Edmond about 11:45 pm that night.


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  • robin says:

    I’m impressed that you took the girls there! It’s one of those stops that is kinda boring to me, I hate to say. But I’m sure later on in history class the girls will remember it!

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