Eating with Paula Deen

We had lunch at Paula Deen’s restaurant in Savannah.  It’s called Lady and Sons.

We ate the buffet.  They served Hoecakes and biscuits to everyone.  On the buffet they had fried chicken, greens, sweet potatoes, creamed corn, mashed potatoes, green beans, black eyed peas, and more, but I can’t remember what else.  The creamed corn was the best I have ever tasted.  Ok, I don’t think I’ve had creamed corn before and I probably won’t try it again since it was so good.  My standards are too high now.  I think the sweet potatoes were to sweet.  The chicken was better than KFC.

This is the front of the restaurant.

South Carolina is just over the bridge from Savannah, so we decided to drive across and say we were also in South Carolina.  We drove through, OK, Arkansas, Tenn, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and South Carolina.

After our trip I figured out that Jemma has been in 27 or 28 states and she’s only 11.  I’ll have to go recount now.

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