Brush with Royalty

Our last day in Savannah was our day to do all the Girl Scout stuff.  Juliette Gordon Low is the founder of Girl Scouts. We toured her home where she lived as a married woman, had the first Girl Scout meetings and died from breast cancer.  We were running behind to get to our next tour at her birthplace home, so I don’t even have a picture of the front of that house, which is the Andrew Low Home.  It’s named after her father-in-law.  This is the carriage house in the back where she had her first Girl Scout meeting.

We got to her birthpace home in time, walked in and got their picture taken with Miss North Carolina, Mrs. Georgia, and Miss Teen Alabama.  They were in Savannah for a pageant and were doing a scavenger hunt.  The needed a picture of a girl scout in uniform.

It was hard to get a picture of the front of the  Juliette Gordon Low birthplace home and Girl Scout Museum, because of some construction they were doing.  The third floor of her home was added just for her wedding.  It is identical to the 2nd floor which is bedrooms.

We went to her gravesite.  She designed it herself.  She also painted, sculpted and did metal work.  She was disappointed with her life; she was deaf, didn’t have any children, married a man that had a mistress, fought his will (he left the Andrew Low home to his mistress) and won, when she had a meeting with the man that founded Boy Scouts.  Boy did he have an idea for her.  Her story is very inspiring.  Devonne Carter and I started crying when we saw the book and table that Juliette first used to sign up Girl Scouts.  Jadyn and Jemma told us to stop crying because we were embarrassing them.






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  • robin says:

    She was really incredible in that day and time! I remember seeing the gates she designed, somewhere around the house. So glad you all got to enjoy it and I bet the girls really were touched even if they didn’t show it!

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