Olympic Rings and Coke

Sunday night we stopped in Atlanta.  We went to the Olympic Park and let the girls play in the fountain of rings.  At  6:30 the rings perform a water show to music.  It was pretty neat.






We then ate at Googie Burgers, which is right there at Olympic Park.  The reason we ate there is because when Jemma was researching the time of the water show on the internet, she saw and ad. for them.  Devonne, our trip coordinator, said we could eat there since she did the research.






We spent the next hour enjoying the park.  The girls just played on the grass, while I went in search of the area of the park that had quilts in it.




The quilts were in the brick work or sculptures, not actually fabric.  This quilt is the Quilt of Rmemberance, it remembers the 2 lives that were lost during the bombing at the Olympic Park during the 1996 Olympics.  There was other quilts built into the brickwork.  One was about the Olympic Spirit, another was an overhead trellis that had a flag from each country.






Monday morning we went to the Coke Museum.  We were there longer than we thought we would be.  The girls really enjoyed it.




One of the girls favorite things at the Coke Museum was the tasting room.  You could taste all the Coke products from all over the world.  Coke makes a lot of fruit drinks in other parts of the world.  One of my favorite fruit  flavors was from Brazil.   One of the girls tried every single flavor.  After that she was afraid she was going to be sick.  Fortunately, she didn’t get sick.




One of the neat things the Coke Museum had on display was torches from the different Olympic Torch Runs.  They already had a torch from the London 2012 Torch Run.  They are one of the few places in the US that have a torch already.











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