Brazilian Rainforest

I’ve never been to the Brazilian Rainforest or any other rainforest for that matter, so when I was asked to recreate it, I used my experience from Sonshine School to do it.  I always taught in the Jungle room at Sonshine school.

I enlisted the help of a lot of people to make giant leaves.  I had help from 2 other women and 9 teenagers or almost teenagers to get it up.  The hardest part was hanging the white screen fabric that was 4 times to big for the spot.

With the help from a friend from bible class, she copied the map of Brazil on to big white butcher paper, Justin traced it and both boys cut it out.  Jemma helped make leaves.  All three of them helped decorate the rainforest and put the map up.

Another are of Brazil that was recreated was the beach with the mosaic board walk.  They used water beads to creat the water, butcher paper, glitter paint and tulle to create sand without actually bringing it in.

Kukasanya means gathering in Swahili.  Mission Sunday this year started out with the junior high and senior high students gathering at a near by elementary school and walking about 2 miles to church.  They did this to get a better understanding of the scarifices some  Christians are faced with in order to worship God.  They also carried flags from many nations.  Justin is in the mix somewhere.

It was a wonderful day with fabulous singing.  I am so blessed to be attending a congergation that is concerned for others souls, both close to home and abroad.


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