Beards at Camp

I returned as a counselor to Camp Jam this year.  It is the bible camp session after the MRCC’s junior high week and right before MRCC’s senior high session.  One of the things that is a tradition at Camp JAM is skit night.  I’m not creative that way so it always stresses me when the director says to have some ideas.  Well the only idea I could come up with was make beards like Thunder player James Harden.

So a couple of the girls in my cabin ran with the beard idea.  They decided to sing the song “I want a Beard Like Harden.”  If you have never seen it, you can find it on Youtube.  Some guys from OK, remade a popular song about Harden’s beard.  It turned out pretty cute.  One of the girls played Metta World Peace and elbowed all of them to the ground.

One of the other fun things of camp is the Summer Singer’s concert.  The Summer Singers is a group of OC student that travel around, sing and recruit for OC.

Jemma was in my cabin this year since her friends wanted to be with a college student that was my co-counselor.  I have come to the conclusion that camp is a little like child birth, you forget how tired you are after camp when it comes time to volunteer the nex year!


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  • robin says:

    That skit sounds hilarious! I think that was a great way to help the girls: give them an idea and let them run with it!

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