Spinach and Popeye

Last week during VBS there isn’t anything for 6th graders to do.  Their to old to go to VBS and to young to go to camp.  So a couple of years ago, my friend Devonne decided to start a work camp.

Thursday we took them to the regional foodbank in OKC.  They weighed and rebagged frozen spinach.  Jemma and her friend Kayla are sealing the bags after another 6th grader had weighed the bags and made sure they were exacty 2 pounds.

The spinach was in huge barrels and had to be broken up before it could be bagged, weighed and sealed.  We took 30 students and they bagged enough spinach to feed 1,096 families in about 1 and 1/2 hours.

Other things the students did during work camp is pick up trash around Tealridge Retirement Community, make a craft for those residents, pick up trash around the church building, hang up clothes at a resale shop where the proceeds benefit the less fortunate, and help supervise little students at VBS.

2 Responses to Spinach and Popeye

  • Robin says:

    Great thing to do since our youthgroup no longer does workcamps. I think it actually morphed into “Day in the City.” Anyway, I’m sure they loved it – and I wonder if they might eat spinach now?

  • Alyssa says:

    So proud of those 6th graders! And thank you for YOUR help at VBS Amy!!

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