Last and First

On the last day of school for 5th grade, Jemma was also in her last play and last class in Journey Land at church.  The curriculum in Journey Land is set up to go through the whole bible in elementary school using as many of their five senses and creative methods, such as plays, etc.  Jemma’s group when they started Journey Land started in Genesis and ended in Revelations.  That only happens that way every 6 years, when you start Journey Land in 1st grade you start where ever the rest of the grades are in the rotation.

Some start with David, while others start with Jesus, but every student will go through the bible while in elementary school at MRCC.  Jemma part in the play was inviting others to the banquet when the first people that were invited couldn’t make it.  It was a neat way of helping them understand that everyone is invited to Heaven.

Jemma is now in the 6th grade class at church.  That class meets in the Summit.  She’s that much closer to joining the youth group.

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