Speed Visiting Part 2

No visit to the farm would be complete without some cow pictures.   This cow has twin heifer calves.  My dad was getting ready to turn them out with the rest of the herd.  He wanted to make sure the mama cow bonded with both calves.  Sometimes a mama cow won’t bond with each calf then you have to find another way of taking care of the calf she rejects.  Sometimes a cow that has lost a calf will take another calf or they have to be bottle fed until they are weaned.

We also check out the crops when we are at home.  The boys and I helped clean 1300 bushels of corn out of the corn bin into a big grain hauling truck and 2 gravity boxes.  Now he has to wait for the price of corn to go back up.  It dropped $.25 a bushel after we cleaned out the corn bin.  I didn’t take any pictures in the grain bin because it gets very dusty.

We always make time for a weiner roast in the woods.  This area isn’t far from the weiner roast we had last December.  It was a nice day, the day we were in the woods.  The temp was about 80.  The wind blew just enough to keep the bugs at bay.

This plant is called a Jack in the Pulpit.   It’s supposed to be standing up, but the cows walked over it and knocked it down.  The blossom is coming out between the two branches.  Here’s more info on this plant if your interested http://home.howstuffworks.com/jack-in-the-pulpit.htm.

This is my nephew Ethan, Justin and another nephew Jeremy breaking branches out of the downed tree for the fire to roast the hotdogs on.

This is Justin, another nephew Mason and Ethan hanging out in the deer stand right behind where we had our picnic.

My brother Kent teaching Samantha the Fuzzy little catepillar song.

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