Speed Visiting

I don’t know what speed dating looks like, but I can tell you what speed visiting looks like.  It’s cramming the normal things we do in a week when we go to WI into just three days,  plus a graduation party.

My sister and her almost 16 month old daugher went with me and my kids.  Samantha is a great traveler, she hardly cried at all.  Jemma had fun entertaining her.

This is my nephew who graduated from high school and received the t-shirt quilt.  After he started looking at the t-shirts he said “That’s where that t-shirt went.”  I felt bad for him since my sister sent me the t-shirt in November to put in his quilt.  I hope he didn’t stress to much looking for it.

This was the first time my siblings have been together in about 4 years.  I think.

This was the first time all of my mom’s grandkids where together.


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