Putting my contract to work

On my blog a few weeks ago, I posted about a contract Jemma made with the whole family.  It said I need to sew alot in order to get done with my projects.  Well, I’m still sewing, I just don’t always get to my projects.

This July,  Jemma and I are going to Savannah, GA, the birth place of Girl Scouts.  With the money I make from my sewing I will pay for my trip.  Jemma will pay for her trip through selling Girl Scout cookies and some other fund raising events.

So if you know anyone that needs a pair of pants hemmed, curtains made, or a decorated shirt give them my information.

2 Responses to Putting my contract to work

  • robin says:

    So cute! Have fun on your trip!

  • Alyssa says:

    I think those K shirts are just waiting for me to buy for Katie!! Super cute! I think I would like to be on your “This is what I’m making for the next event” list so I can purchase ahead of time! And if the shirts are for sale and they are a youth 6…I’ll buy!

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