Got Cookies!

Yes, my house is once again full of cookies.  I will deliver to your house if you need thin mints, samoas, tagalongs, dosidos, trefoils, or Savannah Smiles (which are a new lemon cookie).


One of the things Girl Scouts do to get ready to sell cookies is a Cookie Rally.  Since Jemma and her group are Junior Girl Scouts, they got to help run the craft booth at the rally.

I took them to the store the night before, helped them purchase what they needed,  they prepared what they needed and then taught the younger girl scouts how to make the craft.  They did a fantastic job with everything.  It was an enjoyable experience for me since the girls get along great and are such hard workers.

Have you wandered through an office supply store lately.  They carry about 10 different colors of paper clips, binder clips and a whole aisle of different colored highlighters and markers.  Who know there was such a rainbow of color at the office supply store.  I also got to use a $5 off coupon if we spent more than $25.

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