Contractual Obligations and the fine print

It came to Jemma’s attention recently that I have a lot of undone projects.  I think this bothers her.  She asked now many unfinished quilts I have and I said I had 3 downstairs.  I didn’t know how many I had undone up in the long quilt closest upstairs.

She decided to make up a contract.  It says that I don’t have to cook or clean and everyone else will do those things while I sew.  Everyone in my house has signed the contract.  I don’t know if they read the fine print to know what it actually says.  But until they figure it out, I plan to take full advantage of the contract.

I made the quilt for my dad’s cousin.  Her and her husband spent 5 years in Zambia, Africa.  Her blog is the Gregersen blog over on the right side of my page if you are interested in reading about her adventures.  The shirts are for Jemma.  I picked them up for $2 a piece and she wanted them decorated.

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