New key for the front door

We put  a new front door in right before we left for Wisconsin for Christmas.  We have been planning on replacing this door for 2 years.  We finally ordered the door over fall break.  We had to special order our fiberglass door since it had to be 1/2 inch shorter than a standard door.  Go figure!

We bought a door with a fake wood grain to it and Bill stained it.  Our old door had cracks in it, so bad that you could see through it at times.  Bill just discovered that the very nice storm door that we used to have on the front of the house is now 1/2 inch to tall.  Now we’ll have to replace that at some point.

When we moved in almost 5 years ago the previous owners never used the front door, so there wasn’t a key to get in.  Now we have a key for the front door.  We also have a door in the back of the house that doesn’t have a door knob.  We have started talking about what we want to do with that door.  Hopefully it won’t take us 2 years to replace it.

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