Sweets and Service

Last Saturday from 10-12 Jemma and I went a participated in Sweets and Service.  Robin from The WaWaWaughs organized this event.  Women of all ages came to the church building to make crafts, make cards, write cards, decorate gift bags, bag cookies and then fill the gift bags.

There was several girls that were there younger than Jemma.  Jemma is making a holiday door hanger. 

We had a light breakfast, followed by a devotional, then we got to work.  After everything was done, about 23 women including Jemma and I went to the nursing home to deliver the bags to the residence.

The door hangers were hung on everydoor and every resident received a gift bag full of goodies.  It was a great experience to share with Jemma.  I’m so thankful for Robin for coming up with the idea and having the talent to coordinate and organize everything.

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  • Robin says:

    I’m glad you all came and enjoyed it! But I can’t take credit for the idea. Just maybe the craft part! It’s a big difference from the hoity-toity brunches and Christmas tours of the 90’s.

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