Pablo – Our new dog.

dscf2388Are  new  dog  pablo  .he  is  cut. but  for  mom he is  a  disaster.  he  pees  and poop.he  jumps  on   the   couch  and  jumps   again and  looks  like  he  is  the   king  of  the  couch.  he  likes to   go   under  the  sun  and  sleeps.  pablo  is  funy. when  we  blow  on  him he  is  funy.

2 Responses to Pablo – Our new dog.

  • Tonya J says:

    Awww Gemma,
    How Precious. You did a great job posting on Pablo. You guys are so cute!
    Keep up the good work!
    Nurse Tonya

  • Kelly T says:

    Hey Jemma! Thanks for sharing about Pablo – we didn’t know you had him! I love your story and how you said he’s a disaster to your mom. Your picture is cute!!

    Kelly and Sophie

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