Entering the land of high school

Friday I walked Will to the bus stop, we hadn’t had a chance to find it yet.  His dad helped him pick up his schedule, find his classsrooms and his way around Memorial High School. When we got to the bus stop, I was going to pray with him, but I got to chocked up and couldn’t.  He gave me a hug and said the prayer.  He also said I knew you would be upset about me starting high school.  I wasn’t  nearly as worried about high school as I had been about middle school.  It just hit me when I was going to pray with him.  I was walking away and he said aren’t you going to going to take my picture.  I was going to take his picture when he wasn’t paying attention after I left. 

Justin met his friend and walked off to start his 7th grade year.

Jemma started her 5th grade year.  I was very proud of her because she didn’t have any anxiety before starting school this year like she has had for the past 3 years.

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