Bird’s eye view

Yes, I was part of the sewing crew that made almost 400 African shirts for the elementary and high school students to wear yesterday for Mission Sunday.

Justin said he tripped walking on to the stage before he sung, since it was dark.  I said, well no one saw you.  His buddies did that he is standing by.

I’m not a fan of sitting in the nose bleed section at church.  I ususally get to distracted watching parents taking out their wiggley, or loud little ones.

But on Mission Sunday, I don’t mind so much.  I get to see the big picture from above.  Like all the children that lined the aisles singing the song in Swahili all dressed in African shirts.  Last year everyone in the auditorium had a candle lit.  This year I brought my camera.

On Mission Sunday we have one worship service when normally we have two.  From this vantage point you can really see how big this family is.  I grew up going to church with as few as 10 people and the most was probably 40.  I feel very blessed to have such a big church family.

  It meant alot to me when other Christians would visit or come on a mission trip and help with VBS.  When you are on vacation, do you take time to visit the local church to be an encouragement to them?  I hope I’ve encouraged the local church when I have been in places such as Tomah, WI, LaCrosse, WI, Pocatello, ID, Scappoose, OR, Vincent, OH, Branson, MO, Mt. Vernon, MO, Maysville, OK, Lindsay, OK and Huber Heights, OH.

3 Responses to Bird’s eye view

  • Alyssa says:

    You were in a good spot Sunday!! We were front row, great for seeing stage kids, not so good for seeing Collin.

  • Catherine Pigg says:

    I love going to church in Colby, KS! Smallest church bldg I’ve ever been in, and one of the smallest congregations. But super friendly. And every time we go there (we’re on the road a lot on Sun. when we go to or from Colorado to see my family) — anyway, every time we go there, I’m impressed and encouraged by the mission efforts they have posted on their bulletin board. I mean — THEY are a mission field, really. But they also very clearly believe in supporting people in other mission fields. Very encouraging to see. Yeah, MRCC is great in so many ways. But I definitely want my kids to know it’s not like that everywhere, and that every congregation of the Lord’s church can teach us something.

  • Robin says:

    Yes, great view! We don’t sit up there much either. But I bet it was neat. Being in a large congregation has it’s pros and cons. So does a little congregation. It is really a good thing to expose our kids to both!

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