Hot days and not so cool nights.

Yes, I survived my week at camp.  I saw very few spiders and I didn’t see any snakes.  I heard stories about 2 snakes.

One of the activities they had for the kids was a carnival.  They had potatoe sack races, hula hup contests, rope climbing, baseball hitting,  football throwing, bowling and much more.

They campers had  chores to do.  Such as cleaning up after meals, cleaning bathrooms, picking up trash and cleaning their cabins.

A popular activity is camper skit night.  Our cabin did a pillow people skit.  Stephanie Langley was my co-counselor and we brought pillowcases and markers with us to accomplish this.

During girls sports time in the afternoon, since it was so hot,they let the girls watch movies two afternoons.  One movie they watched was Elf.  Nothing like wishing for winter when it’s over 100 degrees out.  It was over 100 degrees every day we were there.

This was the cabin that Jemma was in.  It was right next to mine.  She had a great week and is looking forward to going back next year.  I’ll go back also.  I enjoyed my time there.

Here’s the group of  campers and staff that went to Camp JAM from Memorial Rd.

2 Responses to Hot days and not so cool nights.

  • Robin says:

    Looks like a blast! I’m so glad we have some camps for our elementary kids to go to now. I think a few kids went to Burnt Cabin when my kids were in elementary, but not many.

  • Gena says:

    I love camp JAM. I’ll never forget our SS days and Scott pranking us in the chapel with rabid animal noises. So much fun.

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