Off to the land of snakes

Yes, I’m leaving in a few minutes to go to Camp Jam, down at Pettijohn to be a counselor.  The boys just got back from there yesterday.  Bill will drive a bunch of kids including Jemma down tomorrow.

I’ve been told there is snakes at camp.  I hope I don’t see or hear any.  It could be problematic if this occurs.  The males in my family, including my  brother, have caused me to be terrified of snakes.

I’ve told the male gender in my family they could post something to this blog while I am gone.  Please don’t cancel any of your plans this week waiting for that to happen.

If you are a local reader and see the males in my family this week, please remember I’m gone if something looks a miss.

4 Responses to Off to the land of snakes

  • robin says:

    I’m sure all the snakes will be hiding in cool dark places. So just stay out in the sun and you should be okay…

  • Marilyn says:

    Sorry to break it to you, but I saw my first copper head snake and first tarantula at Pettijohn 🙁 Hope you are luckier and don’t see any! Have a great week w/ Jemma & stay as cool as possible!

  • Alyssa says:

    This post made me laugh. I would love to hear what your “guest writers” have to say.

  • Catherine Pigg says:

    Hate to contradict Robin (and I’m not even super positive about this): but don’t snakes prefer the sun so they can warm up and be faster/ more “awake”? In any case…. you’re not likely to see this till you return. So, good luck retro-actively. 🙂

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