My Pioneer Woman moment

When we were in Wisconsin last week, we helped my dad and mom work calves.  All the calves got two vaccinations.  The boys were in charge of getting the calves from the pen down the runway to the chute.  Bill and I got them into the chute. 

 My dad would vaccinate them and my mom would keep the syringes full and hand them to my dad.  Jemma’s job was to right down the number that was on the calves ear tags.  I was supposed to give the vaccinations, but on the first calf  I bent the needle so I didn’t keep that job.

I did get a few pictures taken, but mostly I was mostly moving calves.  There was 54 calves that got vaccinated.

It was very noisy when we were working the calves.  The momma cows kept bawling for their babies.  The last picture is when they were reunited.

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