5,648 sequins later

Over the past two weeks I have done little else but sew.  Why you ask?  The ballet is Sat.  I barter my sewing skills for Jemma’s ballet lessons.  She has been taking lessons since she was four and I have yet to pay for any.  The ballet that is being performed is Cinderella.  Jemma takes lessons from Lisa Webb who owns Academy of Ballet and Theater Arts.  I hand sewed all the sequins on the skirt.  I made the top of this tutu, but the sequins on the top are an applique in one piece.

I hand sewed all the sequins on this skirt also.  The top I made, once again the butterfly was one piece.  I’ve also made 25 fur collars, 9 pairs of sleeve puffs, 4 men’s shirts, 6 vests, 1 pair of pants, altered 5 costumes, and several other things.

This top had a second skirt that went with it.  This skirt is a long skirt.  I sewed all the sequins on it too.  I’m still altering the top of this skirt.

I sewed the sequins on the red skirt on the way to Dallas and back for LTC. 

I’ve done very little cooking or cleaning the last two weeks.  Bill and the kids have really stepped up to help.  Bill and Will are gone this week on a mission trip to Wichita, KS.  The have been painting over graffiti.

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