4 more years

Sounds like a slogan for a Presidential campaign, but in this case it is how many more years this boy will be living in my house full time.  Yes, he will be a freshman in high school in the fall.  This picture is from Fridays 8th grade graduation.  Justin will be in 7th grade in the fall and Jemma will be in 5th grade.  They will all be at 3 different schools next year and Bill is at a 4th different school.

Will is really enjoying being taller and having longer arms than mom.  He can put things away for me when I would need a step stool and the other day, I kept telling him to move something for me because I couldn’t reach it.  He just reaches over and did it for me.

One of the neat things about Will’s graduation was watching his Reading/Writing workshop teacher, Mr. Torrence get up in front of all the students with his crawdad hat on and had all the students jumping up to help him with the Crawdad Dance.  All these cool 8th graders, almost freshman, were doing this fun and silly little dance.

Graduation didn’t last as long as expected because our US Congrassman, James Langford, was supposed to be the speaker.  He didn’t make his flight to OK, Thursday night because of a late vote at the Capital.

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