Free Tickets-It’s a good thing

Bill and Will got free tickets to the first game, of the second round of the play offs to see the OKC Thunder.  Some friends were giving them away on facebook.  They had 30 mins. to get to the game after they got the tickets.  With the OKC Memorial marathon finishing up, they had a hard time finding parking.  They made it into the arena at the end of the first quarter.  They still had a great time.

Bill and I went to a game a couple of weeks ago, so the boys had to draw straws to see who would go.  They actually had to guess the correct number.  They got free t-shirts for the game.  Bill was pretty excited about that.

Hopefully the Thunder will win the next game and the series in order to go on to the Championships.  Thunder Up!

3 Responses to Free Tickets-It’s a good thing

  • Robin says:

    That’s so fun but what a disappointing loss for the Thunder! Can you believe all the things that were happening downtown that day???

  • Marilyn says:

    I wondered if Bill had gone to the game when I saw his t-shirt last night! How fun for them (even w/ the loss )

  • Mimi says:

    When I saw the end of thegame on TV, I thought the Thunder must have given away t-shirts. How cool!

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