The tale of white shirts and 2 boys.

We spent the weekend in Dallas at the LTC convention.  The both boys were in the middle school chorus.  They placed first and were asked to perform before church on Sunday morning.  Only 3 choruses are asked to do this a year.  They did a great job.  The director asked that they wear white shirts and black pants.  Will had what he needed, but I was a little slow getting what Justin needed.  Right before dress rehearsal a week ago, I got everything he needed.  Friday night, everyone was laying out chorus uniforms, and drama outfits for the next day.

Justin discovers he doesn’t have his white shirt and black pants.  When I went to work on Friday morning I told them where to find everything.  I had washed shirts and pants in preparation for the weekend.  Bill had a pair of black pants that he had brought to wear during the weekend, so he put a belt on and turned up the cuffs for Justin. He was still in search of a white shirt.   They performed at 12:30 pm.  There isn’t a Wal-Mart or Target close at all  in downtown Dallas.  He asked around and found an adult friend that loaned him a white polo shirt. It was an XL so it swam on him.

After church on Sunday, the boys went back to the room to change.  We packed up and headed home.  After getting home and starting on laundry, both white shirts are missing and so is a LTC t-shirt that was given to one of the boys this weekend.  Both boys have called lost and found at the hotel, but as I publish this, the shirts are still missing.  I hate white shirts anyway.  I have one that I dripped mustard on it a week ago.  I’ve washed and bleached it twice and can’t get the stain out.

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