What the FBI said.

I’m always trying to get the kids to talk about their day during supper.  Some  days are more successful than others.   Most days they tell me their day was fine.  I admit, I don’t always ask the right questions.  Tonight I asked four different questions and got no where. 

One question I asked was, what would be the worst day for you.  Justin pipes up, he goes to school and his best friend is arrested by the FBI.  I’m thinking,  great we’re getting somewhere.  I said what happens when your friend goes with the FBI.  He says, can’t say it’s classified.

Tonight they asked me why I try to find out about their day.  I said research says you’ll be better kids if I find out how your day is.   The rest of the evening they kept telling all kinds of ridiculous stuff about what researchers say.

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  • Robin says:

    LOL! We did that too, and as they got older they had all kinds of made up stories for us…oh, well. Better than nothing, as they say. It still blows me away how many families don’t sit down together around a dinner table. My kids friends have mentioned that to us.

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