I’ve only seen this once this year.


This is Will throwing discus at today’s track meet.  I left work 15 min. early to get to North High School to see him throw.   I haven’t seen him throw all season because he either got done to early or his meets have been out of town on a work day.  His first throw was 114’3′.  I waited, waited, and waited.  He said it will be a long time until he threw again, so decided I better go pick up Jemma from ballet.  Her class had been done for 45 min.  I hit every red light to get her and got stopped by the fire trucks on the way back and I wasn’t speeding.  I missed his next two throws.  Which weren’t better than his first.  I was so upset.

I haven’t seen him throw shot put this year either.  I’m hopeing to see every throw on Sat. at the track meet in Norman.  The last track meet of the season is April 30th.  I might get to see him some that day, except Justin has a soccer game also.  At least both events are on the same side of town.

Yes, dad is in coaching mode.

Will won first place in discus at today’s meet.

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