Naked puppet family on their way to Africa

The elementary students at MRCC have adopted the Village of Hope, in Ghana, Africa.  They raise money through the year and do other things for them, such as make puppets.  At Christmas, they asked students to make bible visuals for the village.  You just had to go by the table and pick one up.  Some people were asked to make bible flash cards, but when I get up to the table with Jemma, they said, “Here is your project Amy”.  So Jemma has been reminding me we need to get these puppets done.  They are due April 1st.

Jemma cut all the body pieces out.  I sewed them together.  The first puppet took me forever, since I didn’t read the directions very good, because I thought I could figure it out from the pictures.  Serves me right since I didn’t read very good.  I will have Jemma help with sewing the clothes since they are not as hard.   We also need to get them some eyes and hair.  I will post another picture when they are clothed.

I was telling a friend at a quilt guild meeting about making the puppets and another woman came upon our conversation and started asking questions about taking a class to make them.  I thought that was funny, since I had such a hard time getting the first one together.  I don’t know if she wanted me to teach the class or she thought it would be fun to take a puppet making class.

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  • Robin says:

    Wow! Those are cute! I’ve got a project due April 1st, too. A flipbook, which I did work on in the car while traveling recently. Got to get busy and finish it up!

  • Mimi says:

    So neat to see Jemma has inherited the love of sewing, crafting,etc. Keep it up!

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