I’m perfect…

according to Justin.  During supper last night, we were talking about the boys going to scouts and I was going to my last Love and Logic parenting class.  He said he didn’t know why I was going because I was perfect.  What a sweet boy.

I took the class to add more tools to my parenting tool chest.  Karla Taylor from MRCC was the facilitator.  She is very good and not afraid to share the ups and downs she has encountered during parenting.  I’ve been to a Love and Logic class before, but it was good to review and pick up on things I didn’t the first time.

I’m blogging about this so I can remind Justin in the future when he forgets I’m perfect.   I also intend to remind him when he is a freshman in college, he said I can come and kiss him good night in his dorm room every night.  He just said to be there before his roommate gets back so it doesn’t embarrass his roommate.

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