Great time experiment…

Well, we are all up and running for the new early start time for school.  Bill has to be at school before 7:00, the boys don’t have to get up any earlier that before they had a lot extra time in the morning to watch a little TV.  I told them they aren’t getting up any earlier, they just don’t get to watch any TV.  Jemma is getting up 20 min. earlier, but she gets a raw deal.  I have to make up 50 min. every day compared to 40 for everyone else.  My principal said I can make it up before school starts, so instead of starting work at 8:15, I now start at 7:35.  Since Jemma goes to school with me, she has to leave as early as I do.  Oh well.

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  • Robin says:

    Didn’t affect us much either, since our son goes early a lot for special practices. Poor Jemma! Thankfully Spring Break is on its way!

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