Unplug the easy way…

Our minister asked us to try to limit in some way our computer and TV use this week.  I’ve already started.  Our main computer crashed Thurs. night. 

Friday night Bill got our email up and running on the kids computer, which is great, but I can’t see any emails I have saved to reference later or email addresses.  Such as who’s shower I was supposed to do yesterday (there was only 4), or how to order more Girl Scout cookies.  I will call the Girl Scout people today and beg for forgiveness, I know I put one thing in wrong when I ordered.

I have access to my blog on my laptop, but the pictures are all on the main computer, except for a few pictures I have added to blogs I haven’t posted yet.

Hopefully we will know by tomorrow, what is wrong with the main computer.  Of course some of you may not ever read this if you are listening to our minister.  Have a great day.

4 Responses to Unplug the easy way…

  • Robin says:

    WELL, I did listen to him but am not fasting from media THIS week. I guess he didn’t ask us to fast totally, but to cut back in some way. Anyway, special circumstances for me this week.

  • Alyssa says:

    Having the computer crash would help tremendously on cutting out time. Someone told me that I got a text during his sermon. But since I block texts I had no idea.

  • Amy says:

    Update on the computer; the mother board went bad. Now we have to decide to we fix it or get a new one?

  • Bill says:

    The prayers have been heard!!! The main computer is back up and running and the mother board is fine. After being on hold with HP for a very manageable 7 min I got in touch with the right man. Came home and followed the steps he gave and “POOF!” We are up and running!
    On a side note: this makes me wonder why the computer repairman missed this simple fix!?! Just wondering. :<

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