Fighting over the baby

We got to have a play date with my niece Samantha on Sat.

Jemma did a good job of taking care of Samantha.  She is 6 weeks old.  Jemma fed her, held her and changed her diaper.

Justin helped take care of Samantha also.  He fed her, held her and threw away the dirty diaper.  He wouldn’t attempt to change it.  After watching me change a poopy diaper, Justin said it would be a while before he could eat peanut butter again. I didn’t bother to ask him why?  If Samantha was fussing while Justin was holding her, he said he must not be very good at the baby thing.

Will didn’t hold her, but he did sit by her some, but as soon as she fussed he would try to get someone to get her.

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